Now that you’ve got it all squared in the kitchen, you can amp your lifestyle by doing some exercise.
Before I begin any type of exercise, I do some breathing to get rid of stale air (residual volume) in my
lungs. I do it by breathing in once and forcefully blowing out air 3-4 times.

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  2. Then I either do burpees (100x/day). I will tell you right now that I hate this exercise
    because it is ridiculously exhausting, which is exactly why it is incredibly effective. It
    tones EVERYTHING: arms, forearms, legs, butt, and strengthens your core.
    From doing zero burpees to one day just slugging it out and completing 100 burpees was
    excruciating. I woke up at 4am in pain and had to find ibuprofen so I could go back to sleep. But
    now, I can do it almost every day. It doesn’t get easier while you’re doing it, but I do not wake
    up in pain anymore.
  3. Or run uphill as fast as I can 5-7 times. Running uphill is so effective because of the
    resistance of gravity. You are practically fighting against your weight. It is calorie
    burning and once you get to the top, I assure you, you’ll definitely feel it. Running on
    flat concrete hurts my knees and hips. But since I have started running uphill, I never
    get those pains anymore.
    I walk down hill because running down hill is really bad for your knees. Just enjoy your walk. Let
    it be a reprieve before you do another high intensity run up the hill.
    I liken it to driving a stick shift. It is so much harder and you burn more fuel going from a
    complete stop to first gear, then second gear, etc. than to shift from 4 th gear to 5 th gear. It takes
    more energy to move from a stopped position.
  4. Another great exercise is jump rope because it’s high intensity cardio with jumps that
    tone your legs and butt.
    There are no shortcuts to looking and feeling fit and healthy. It is hard work,
    discipline, and commitment. You owe it to yourself to give your body the best fuel.
    Exercise is like taking your heart and lungs to a well deserved Oxygen buffet. – Kaplan

Most of us have day jobs where we are seated most of our waking hours. Some of us sit
in front of the computer for 8 hours a day. Prolonged sitting has been found to be
detrimental to our health and is independent of exercise. This means that even if you
work out right after work for about 30 mins – 1 hour every day, this does not cancel
out the effects of sitting down for 8 hours.

An interesting study showed that prolonged sitting increases your all cause mortality
by 24%, death from cardiovascular disease by 18%, death from cancer by 18%, increase
cancer incidence by 13%, and increase development of diabetes by 90%.
It is recommended to stand up at least every hour to stretch, go to the bathroom,
walk around the office, or walk over to talk to a co-worker instead of texting or

Compiled and written by: Loudette Ma Paz Hizon-Guevara

Aviroop Biswas, BSc; Paul I. Oh, MD, MSc; Guy E. Faulkner, PhD; Ravi R. Bajaj, MD;
Michael A. Silver, BSc; Marc S. Mitchell, MSc; and David A. Alter, MD, PhD: Sedentary
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Coach Joseph G, B Sports Science UP Diliman, BS Real Estate Management,Health Optimization