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? I hereby warrant that I am in a good and healthy physical condition. I have previously consulted the appropriate doctor or physician who certifies that I am fit and able to perform the physical exercises and adopt the diet prescribed in this website, and that I am under no risk whatsoever of suffering or incurring physical harm, illness or injury as a direct or indirect result of adopting the diet and performing all or part of the physical exercises. I understand that it is my continuing obligation to seek regular medical check-ups in order to ensure that I am medically and physically fit.

? I acknowledge that the goal of achieving sufficient weight loss will depend on the proper execution and frequency of the prescribed exercises and diet, and other factors such as individual metabolism, age, and lifestyle. Weight gain may result even after achieving the desired weight loss if proper exercises and diet are not maintained, and/or if there are changes in individual metabolism, age, and lifestyle.

? I hold Joseph Francis H. Guevara free and harmless whatsoever from any damages and liability whatsoever that may directly or indirectly arise out of or in relation to my improper performance of the exercises and diet, from my failure to seek prior medical clearance and regular medical check-ups, and from any unauthorized transfer and/or use of the individualized exercise and diet program to be prepared or to be prepared specifically for me.

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