It must be the genes or something else but I have always been skinny. From high school to university to working as a freelance writer for different publications, I still weighed the same at 120 pounds – even if I was a constant eater. I ate anything and everything in my path, meat, chicken, vegetables, fruits, sweets, junk food, you name it, everything! I wanted to gain weight so bad but there was nothing I could do. In 2016, I decided to work fulltime for a publishing firm. One of our perks was being provided with a free lunch. I didn’t know what happened but for some reason, just a few months after working for the company, I started to gain weight. From 120pounds at the early part of 2016, I grew to an outstanding 150 pounds at the end of the year. That was a weight gain of 30 pounds in just one year! You’d think I’d be ecstatic, but as I looked in the mirror one time, I noticed that I gained weight in all the wrong places. My cheeks became puffier, and my stomach was bloated! Honestly, I didn’t look appealing. That was the time I decided to go to the gym and bulk up. Late 2016, I hired a personal trainer, and we worked three times a week for almost two years. When Coach Joseph Guevara came into the picture, we worked even harder. What I liked about my personal training with Coach Joseph was his way of motivating me. Aside from his usual way of guiding me in my workout, he scolds me when I’m not in my proper form or when I’m not doing the exercise efficiently and properly. He pushes me to work harder, and is upfront with my progress. Sometimes, he imposes some form of reverse psychology on me. When I am ready to give up, he agrees with it. That, actually, didn’t sit well with me, and I continue to do some more sets and repetitions. Just recently, I decided to work on my diet too. I lessened eating carbohydrates, got rid of my cookies and chocolates, and stuffed myself with meat, chicken, anything protein. I also started to feast on boiled banana and hard boiled eggs. These also serve as my snacks, instead of the usual chips and cookies or crackers. I am now down to 130 pounds but I am currently gaining muscles and getting rid of my fats. Some stark improvements: muscles in the arms and trunk area grew bigger. Visceral fats in the abs area lessened.

Praise be to God who used Coach Joseph as an instrument for not only changing my body but improving my confidence and relating with people. I can now walk down the street with a proud gait. Although there are still so many things to do and to work on, I can honestly say that I was not who I was before. All thanks to this guy who brought back my confidence and inspired me to do better.