For some, working out is as easy as strolling down the park, others a fifteen minute jog on the academic oval or breaking a sweat in the gym hitting those heavy reps and sets. I find it sad when other people find it a waste of time due to their day-to-day hustling and bustling to earn a living. I admire those people who treat workout and exercise as a means of therapy, an escape from the real world.

Earlier this year, I experienced the loss of a loved one. On that time frame, I could not focus on my day job and I stopped working out because I was busy sulking and mourning. Clearly, I, together with my family, was devastated. I was in a very low state in my life. Because both my mind and body were unhealthy, I started to become toxic. This self-born toxicity led to the negative projection towards other aspects of my life. Thus, leading me to depression.

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Fast forward to overcoming that situation, what did I do? I started working out consistently. With the help of my gym buddies/best friends, they pushed me to get up and go to the gym with them to do this wonderful thing called “working out”.

As months passed by, I began seeing incredible results from my consistent workout. I had a better physique, a better mood, I had a more positive outlook on life, and most importantly, higher self-confidence.

I therefore conclude that working out is not just to work out because I believe that it is a vital step in this process called lifestyle change. It works hand-in-hand with proper nutrition, adequate sleep, non-toxic interpersonal relationships, and others.

It’s my challenge to you to achieve that lifestyle change as I did mine.


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