Why do clients fall off after posting their progress on social media?


Why do clients fall off THEIR FITNESS JOURNEY  after posting their progress on social media?

After a couple of years in the fitness industry, this is my observation whenever a client posts their progress on IG or FB or wherever. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to be proud of what you achieved. Besides, you can’t cheat yourself into having a better and more optimized body. You’d have to do the work. So be proud and use it to inspire others to do the same as well! 

Going back to the topic.. So why do they stop? Why do we stop whenever we achieve our goals? Why do we stop AFTER the beach trip? The competition? After achieving our goal weight? Why do we fall off so quickly? It’s because we lost the reason to continue. And that, is the ultimate cause. 



We must plan ahead. What do you want to achieve in 10 years time? In 5 years time? 3 years? 1 year? Write it down! Create more reasons to continue. Success is both the process and the outcome. Our goal is to stay on the path. 

It’s okay to celebrate your small wins once in a while… but don’t drown in it. As Jordan Peterson would say, “Don’t get stuck in the past”. Every single day is just waiting to be conquered. There’s much to learn, there’s much to achieve. Don’t settle with what you have and what you know. There’s more to it and it’s up to you to find out! 

Happiness is elusive. It seems that the best way to enjoy life is to wrap up one goal and simultaneously begin work on the next one. It’s dangerous to linger too long at the table of success, The only way to enjoy another meal is to get good and hungry. – Jim Rohn



Some of the Apollo astronauts returned from the moon with certain baggage. They returned with deep emotional problems. And the reason is because once you’ve been to the moon, where else do you go? After years of studying, training and visualizing that expedition, in that moment, that was all gone. All of a sudden there seemed to be an end, a finish to their life’s work, and depression set in. 
– 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness



Let us know if you have any questions or comments! We’re more than willing to help you plan for your long term goals. Keep on huntin’ & stay wild! 


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