DAY 19: The New Superfoods – NUTS


When the going gets tough… Then the tough gets going for NUTS. When you feel like taking a short break in whatever you are doing, pop some of these flavorful and crunchy taste in your mouth and they automatically boost your thinking. All kinds of these wonderful superfoods supply a lot of protein , energy, healthy fats and omega 3’s. They are also called brain foods. Studies show that nuts have riboflavin, L-carnitine, nutrients that can increase cognitive activity and create new neural pathways. They are believed to help ward off Alzheimer’s. For people who want to lose weight, these small bite-size pecks curb your appetite for hours and yet give you enough protein and fats in small dozes. It is a wonder that these small bites come from huge trees.



These are natural weight loss pill. They are loaded with protein and healthy fats that curb appetite. They have an amino acid L-arginine helps burn more fats and carbs especially during workouts. As a substitute for grain , wheat or white flour, almonds really taste great.

Brazil Nuts

Roasted, salted or crushed , these brazil nuts are number one superfoods to prevent arthritis. The antioxidant mineral Selenium is the key ingredient in their inflammation fighting arsenal, preventing arthritis from attacking the joint tissues.


While lower in fiber than most nuts, these are valued for their heart-healthy fats. A serving has lower carbs than high carb potato chips fried in transfat oils.


Chestnuts roasting in an open fire are the favorite Christmas carols especially for heart-healthy dieters. Their rich taste and high fiber content helps curb hunger and cravings, and reduce the appetite for huge meals especially if taken before dinner. Chestnuts mixed with aromatic herbs are also great for turkey or chicken stuffing. The taste is incredibly delicious.


Most macadamia nuts come from the Australian rainforests. They are 75% fat rich but offer extensive heart health benefits. Studies show that diets high in macadamia nuts can lower both cholesterol and unhealthy triglyceride levels. They also have the lowest inflammatory omega 6 acids of all the nuts.


Jam packed with monounsaturated fats, the type that is the mainstay of the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet, peanuts are one of the most perennially available and favorite snack. A study in the Journal of American College of Nutrition showed that peanuts and peanut butter decreased risk for cardiovascular disease.


These tree nuts grow naturally in North America, together with chestnuts and walnuts. They deliver the highest antioxidants of all edible nuts. They can protect the heart, brain, support weight loss and slow aging. They deliver monounsaturated fats, such as oleic acids, which reduce
the risk of heart disease.


Pistachios are packed with protein and healthy fats that are good for the heart and brain. Though they are relatively high in calories, they also have potassium, which helps keep muscles from getting fatigued during exercise.


The ultimate brain food that may also lower cholesterol. Of all the tree nuts, walnuts have the most omega 3 fatty acids, a major player in improving mood while promoting sharper mental focus. Those omega 3’s along with the alpha-linolenic acid ( ALA ) , antioxidants and phytosterols- also work wonders for the cardiovascular system and the blood vessel functions.

Written by: Lourdes Hizon – Guevara


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