TGE 30 Day Challenge – Prime



Package C – Workout + Nutrition + 4 LIVE Zoom Sessions

4 Live Zoom Sessions

Free Add ons:
1. Boxing HIIT
2. Yoga Inspired
3. HIIT Hop

30 – 45 minute phone call before we start regarding goals and how to go about with the course 

Workout program according to fitness level / equipment

(Warm up, Stretching, Core workouts, Circuit trainings, High intensity interval training) 

Up to SIX (6) DAYS A WEEK of workouts 

Free easy to understand workout videos for guidance

(Do the workouts at your own time and pace) 

Free  live TGE Community classes via zoom 

Personalized workout form check 

Tips and tricks on how to be effective on your fitness journey 

Includes online support (via FB & IG) 

Mid Month & Post assessment call 

Nutrition tips and tricks playbook

Guide for better weight management

Goal: fat loss or muscle gain 

Nutritional supplements advice

Optional Calorie Counting (via my fitness pal)

Note: not a daily meal plan