DAY 25: The New Superfoods


Locally Available Fishes:  Lapu-Lapu, Bangus, Hito, Tuna, Tanigue, Pampano , & Sardines 

Other Fishes :  Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Codfish, Fish roe, Mackerel, & Herring

There are so many fun fishes to eat.  They are not only tender, juicy, tasty and flavorful but also packed with so much vitamins, minerals, proteins and pure nutritional goodness. 

Fishes have attained one of the highest superfood status due to its high-quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids, that protect the brains and the heart. 

The omega 3’s are the long chain type, comprised of the DHA and EPA, both directly impacts the brain. DHA has been shown in studies to improve focus and memory, while EPA, could be likened to a Prozac, which is documented to improve mood and ease deppression.

Wild – caught fishes are better than raised ones because of the lesser contaminants and feeds given.

So bake it with lemon and butter, poach  it with pepper and your favorite arugula, basil or rosemary and thyme, saute with rich spices like oregano and turmeric , or steam it with vegetables and fruits, or even smoke or grill it once in awhile… These are the best nutricious , delicious and highly digestible great  brain and heart superfoods.

Written by: Loudette Hizon Guevara


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